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Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

Mercredi 16 Novembre 2011 - 12:01

Voici le dernier concurrent de l'iPad2 : le Kindle Fireet... sera-t-il à la hauteur de rivaliser avec l'iPad ??

Voici donc le report final de la victoire ! :

Vitesse d'allumage : iPad 2.
Vitesse déblocage Display: iPad 2.
Vitesse générale: iPad 2.
Vitesse Browser: iPad 2.

Mais que fait donc la concurrence ??


1.Posté par Next 51 le 16/11/2011 15:27
En même temps le Kindle Fireet offre un argument de poids: Son prix (200$)

2.Posté par Philippe le 17/11/2011 11:00
This is such a useful and hands-on comparison !

I wanted to buy a present for my wife as she spends 2 hours per day in the train on her way to work.

To simply kill time and crawl Internet, the Ipad 2 is quite expensive compare to the KindleFire, plus it is really bulky in a woman handbag. The KindleFire would fit almost any woman's bag.

Speedwise, I guess that by disallowing Flash ads, Internet loading speed would be the same on both, not even talking about Youtube videos.

The Kindlefire will fit all her needs, you convinced me in 2 minutes.
Thank you very much for that. !

PS : Now I need to find a trick to order the KindleFire from the USA and have it delivered to Europe (prohibited for the moment)


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